African Mask NFT Art by Kenal Louis

Art With a Purpose


A Utility and Rarity-Focused Super Rare NFT Art Collection.

Coming 2022

Each Mask Is A One of A Kind Artwork

The Digital Paintings of the African Masks

The Blueprints - Original Pen & Ink African Masks Drawings

African Mask Artwork
African Mask Artwork
African Mask Artwork
African Mask Artwork
100 - Pen and Ink Drawings
100 - Gold Digital Paintings
100 - Silver Digital Paintings
100 - Gold & Color 3D Models 
100 - Silver & Color 3D Models
MEDIUM: Pen and Ink, Digital Painting, and 3D

What Makes This Project Super Rare?

  • The Original 100 pen and ink drawing of the 2D masks will be also minted and physically mailed of the first buyers.
  • Only 100 gold and 100 silver digital paintings will ever be created of the 2D African tribal masks art collection. There will only be one printed version of the masks in existence, which will be signed and mailed to collectors of the digital paintings created from the original ink drawing.
  • The second phase of the project will include 3D African masks developments. 
  • The 3D masks will also be 100% authentic in their design.

How Is This NFT Collection of Utility?

  • Totaling to 500 masks, The first 500 verified owners and holders will gain access as your  verified key, and grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to future project developments.
  • This collection is more than just captivating digital paintings, they will ultimately serve as access cards to provide a benefits to holders of the NFTS based on their smart contracts. ( The goal for this is to create an investment benefit for those who believed in the art collection and the artist leading the project. ) 
  • Future development will be executed with the funds generated from the sales of all of the NFTS once they sell out.

Production of the 3D Masks

Production of 3D African Mask NFTs
Pen and Ink Drawings - 14x17 inches
Digital Paintings - 6000 x 7500
3D Models - TBD in 2023
Pen and Ink on Bristol Board Paper
Adobe Photoshop
3 Megabytes - 40 Megabytes

“I will spark a change in the world through art.”

Kenal Louis

The Roadmap 1.0

Phase I

2022 | Q2-Q4

2D Artwork Release DROP

Launch the first 100 African masks pen and ink drawings and digital paintings. Once all 200 masks completely sell out the value generated from the artworks  will be utilized to also fund the development of the next phase.

The current collectors and any past collectors of the masks will be given access to a the early private sale for the next project. Any purchase of the masks even as they may be sold and or traded will provide access to future assets developed.

Phase II

2023 | Q1-Q3

3D Artwork Release DROP

A second collection of 100 African masks will be developed to be launched as 3D artworks. These mask will be completely different from the first 200 masks that were collected as digital paintings. These masks will grant access to holders to a game that will be developed from the sales.

A token will be in the works or a fully developed game asset ready characters will be created in this phase. More details will be shared as the timeline for the overall project gets accomplished in the discord community group and on Instagram.

Phase III

2023 | Q4

Interactive Project Development BEGIN

A team of programmers, blockchain experts, and developers will be assembled. Announcements and updates will be made when this phase is reached.

3D African Tribal Masks

The following mask was created as a test artwork to showcase what the 100 gold and silver unique masks will look like once the 3D art phase commence. All of the artworks ( pen and ink, digital painting, and 3D modeling and rendering ) are entirely done by me.

3D African Mask Testing - 3 Previews

3D Gold African Mask Art
3D Gold African Mask
African Masks NFT Art
African Masks NFT Art Collection
3D African Mask Artwork
3D African Mask Artwork NFT

Meet the artist

Kenal Louis is a self-taught visual artist who specializes in line art as well as digital painting.

His works are inspired by master artists like Pablo Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jackson Pollock, and Hokusai Katsushika. Over a course of 10 years following his high school graduation in 2008, Louis has created artwork series with various styles. His collections of line art contain a distinguished form of line movement.

Since 2012, Louis has transformed and expanded his artworks. His work continues to evolve as he experiments with different styles and pushes the boundaries of his visual imagination. His passion for fashion, beauty, culture, and drawing allow his works to easily be recognized by his art followers along with those who become a fan of his art.

With a passion for art, he aspires to inspire other artists to push the boundaries of their imagination. He also hopes to spread awareness of love and demonstrate patience with his works.

Kenal Louis

Who or What Inspired this African Mask NFT Art Collection?

I was thinking about creating a rare art collection that will provide value to those who end up investing as art patrons and collectors of the art.

I had already begun a series of African tribal masks, and one of my siblings suggested why don’t you make them a collection of NFTs he talked to me about it for almost two years. I didn’t budge because, as a Scorpio, I am stubborn and will not do anything if I don’t feel compelled or inspired to do that thing.

But I do listen, and I am very attentive and open-minded to new ideas. So I researched and noticed everything going on with the NFT space, Blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency.

I was inspired to begin a collection, but I would produce the collection in a creative, unique way as a visual artist. I did not want to create characters and change the colors on them or like an eye as I’ve seen in many NFTs…

I understand all the aspects of creating a massive amount of them to start bids low. And the non-fungible minted value associated with them.

HOWEVER, for me as an artist, the actual value in art is in the singularity non-fungible visual aspects of the artwork.

So here I am today sharing this post with you documenting part of my process and journey creating the NFT series. It’s purely original, from the ink drawings to the digital paintings and eventually 3D artwork created of the masks.

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The Katok Gods: African Mask Art Collection

A collection of rare African mask NFTs created to empower imagination, positivity, and creativity. The perfect art series for digital art collectors and patrons.

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