African Mask NFT Art by Kenal Louis

The following NFT art project is postponed. Date for launch to be determined.

African Mask Artwork
African Mask Artwork
African Mask Artwork
African Mask Artwork

3D African Tribal Masks

African Masks NFT Art Collection
3D African Mask Artwork NFT
3D Gold African Mask

Meet the artist

Kenal Louis is a self-taught visual artist who specializes in line art as well as digital painting.

His works are inspired by master artists like Pablo Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jackson Pollock, and Hokusai Katsushika. Over a course of 10 years following his high school graduation in 2008, Louis has created artwork series with various styles. His collections of line art contain a distinguished form of line movement.

Since 2012, Louis has transformed and expanded his artworks. His work continues to evolve as he experiments with different styles and pushes the boundaries of his visual imagination. His passion for fashion, beauty, culture, and drawing allow his works to easily be recognized by his art followers along with those who become a fan of his art.

With a passion for art, he aspires to inspire other artists to push the boundaries of their imagination. He also hopes to spread awareness of love and demonstrate patience with his works.

Kenal Louis

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